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About the Leading Ergonomic Evaluator in Massachusetts

The Ergo Girls was founded in 2004 to promote Ergonomics in the workplace. The owner, president, and ergonomic evaluator in Massachusetts, Sheila Corbett, spent half of her career in the office furniture field and noticed that the design of office space fell short when it came to being comfortable and less stressed at work. Sheila took this issue to heart and partnered with her associate, Marcel Perella, to address it. Both Sheila and Marcel have been educated by OSHA, MA safety Council and The Back School of Atlanta and have become certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists.

Over the last several years, The Ergo Girls have aided thousands of workers to create a better work area for their individual needs. “We have found that when employee’s concerns are validated and easily rectified, it makes for a better work environment for all.” Our experienced team evaluates, recommends, and remedies, even the most challenging ergonomic situations in a professional and caring manner. The Ergo Girls are committed to comfort by helping with the ergonomic needs of workers throughout MA and New England.

The comfort level of workers directly correlates to increasing their productivity; thus, the more comfortable the worker, the better the bottom line!

Up-to-Date Information for Keeping Employees Safe & Comfortable in Their Work Environment:

Certified to Assess the Ergonomic Efficiency of Workspaces

The Ergo Girls provide customized solutions for any work environment. We have worked with large hospital groups to build ergonomic programs and have created product listings that comprise of products that have been proven to help the workers we have seen. We stay up-to-date with the latest ergonomic products available to determine their value to our clients.

 Working with the hospital labs, we have documented specific Ergonomic issues and remedies for the CAP Accreditation programs. Our expertise has helped with designing ergonomic space for warehouses in the packing and shipping areas, as well as returns.

 Ergonomic Evaluations for Technology company employees have proven to be very gratifying. This type of work is computer-based and concentrated. The employees can be on their computer for hours at a time. We will accurately document the ergonomic requirements and specific set-up for their individual needs.

 Working with municipalities and government agencies, there are budget restraints. We are fiscally responsible when working with the individual and departments. Working within existing contracts for the product, we will find items that will help the employee in a cost-effective way.

Ergonomic Assessment Specialists

As we know, an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist evaluates an individual’s physical comfort level while they work. Discomfort can directly affect an individual’s ability to work. We’ve all been distracted by pain that causes a lack of focus and frustration. This irritation can build until it affects an employee’s productivity. Through a comprehensive evaluation of a worker’s daily routine, an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist can pinpoint areas of concern and suggest changes to the workspace.

Customizing solutions for individuals means they feel that their needs are being met. It also means they’re allowed to increase their effectiveness on the job. There is little more frustrating than wanting to work hard but not do so due to pain or discomfort. An Ergonomic Assessment Specialist offers insight into problem areas through task analysis and documenting physical demands throughout the worker’s day.

The tools we use affect our posture and, over time, our comfort level. In an office, it’s the chair we sit on, the keyboard, the mouse, and the height of the monitor that can determine how we feel at the end of the day. Inviting an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist into the workspace can provide the relief needed to work effectively. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your day more comfortable.